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Bat removal services in Gibsonia

The city of Gibsonia, PA is located around hills and valleys that are home to diverse species of wildlife. Among them are bats, who make their home in local trees and caves. However, because of city construction and expansion or the destruction of their natural habitats, bats may seek shelter in your residential or commercial property.

If your Gibsonia attic, garage, shed, or other structure has become a home for bats, do not attempt to remove them on your own. Instead, rely on the wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh who are trained and equipped to help you remove bats safely and legally from your Gibsonia, PA property.

The Dangers of Invasive Bats

The threats posed by bats range from costly to harmful. Their risky behaviors and damaging activity can negatively affect your property in multiple ways including:

  1. Disease spread – Bats carry diseases such as histoplasmosis. It can be transmitted through a scratch, bite, or by coming into contact with their droppings. If provoked or threatened, bats will not hesitate to attack. If you are bitten by a bat, seek medical attention immediately.
  2. Property damage – Roosting bats will destroy your insulation and drywall which can lead to internal temperature problems, costly repairs, and higher utility bills.
  3. Contamination – Guano, or bat droppings, are foul-smelling, toxic, and hard to clean.

Safe and Legal Gibsonia Bat Removal

There are multiple laws that protect bats while flying, hibernating, and during mating season; therefore, bat removal should only be performed by bat exclusion professionals. At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, our experienced wildlife experts understand the dangers of bats and the laws that protect them and can quickly perform bat removal services that are both humane and legal.

Our effective bat removal methods include:

  1. Inspection – We thoroughly inspect your property to gauge the extent of the bat infestation.
  2. Removal – We efficiently and legally remove all bats from your property using exclusion devices.
  3. Restoration – We clean up all toxic droppings and repair any residual damage the bats caused.
  4. Prevention – We seal all entry points to your property to prevent future invasions.

Your Gibsonia Bat Removal Experts

If you discover bats living on your Gibsonia, PA property, keep a safe distance and do not attempt to remove them yourself. Instead, avoid the steep fines and legal ramifications associated with unlawful bat removal by contacting the professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh. Our team of licensed and trained bat removal technicians will quickly and safely remove nuisance bats from your Gibsonia home or business and keep them from returning. To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our humane and efficient bat removal services, call us today at 412-767-4067.

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