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Pennsylvania is home to different species of wildlife, rodents, and critters throughout the state. These creatures can travel from the woods and rural areas into more residential and urban areas of Pennsylvania, such as Gibsonia. Invasive wild animals are usually an unwanted nuisance that can disrupt and disturb residential neighborhoods and commercial businesses.

If you notice signs of invasive wildlife or their potential damages on your Gibsonia property, contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh to enact fast and efficient wildlife removal and safeguard your home with precautionary measures.

5 Signs of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania Wildlife Infestations

Critters like bats, rats, squirrels, mice, raccoons, and birds are common invasive wildlife found near Gibsonia properties. The following signs are common indicators of critter activity around your home.

  1. Disturbed gardens and soil or fallen trashcans
  2. Droppings and stains on the attic floors or walls in your home
  3. Strange smells and odors around your property
  4. Sounds of squeaking, scurrying or scratching from the ceiling or walls
  5. Bite marks on attic drywall, distressed cardboard pieces, or ripped wires

Damages Caused by Invasive Wildlife

These animals may be small, but they can cause a lot of destruction to your home. Here are some of the risks of having invasive wildlife on your property.

  • Bats carry transmittable diseases, can attack, and ruin the infrastructure of homes with their toxic guano droppings, contaminating insulation and drywall.
  • Rats can transmit several diseases to people. They can also leave droppings, gnaw marks, and foul smells inside homes.
  • Squirrels could leave droppings on the ground, grease-like stains on ceilings, scratches on walls, and cause strange sounds throughout homes.
  • Mice can damage the structure of a home by chewing on drywall and wooden beams. They also carry diseases, which can transfer to humans through bites or exposure to droppings.
  • Raccoons use their sharp claws to scratch and rip screens and fabric. They can also disturb your trash, yard, and garden, and take bites from any foods you are growing.
  • Birds often lay nests in chimneys, which hinder their use. Some birds even peck the walls of your home and leave behind droppings.
  • Groundhogs can make a mess of your property by diffing holes and getting underneath sheds and porches.
  • Woodpeckers are infamous for hammering their beaks into wooden structures to access food.

Our CritterSafe® Wildlife Removal Method

Any delay in addressing the wild animals around your Gibsonia property can lead to an increased risk of disease and damage in your home. To keep your home and its occupants safe, rely on our expert pest removal technicians to permanently handle the nuisance critters.

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, our wildlife professionals use a four-step CritterSafe® method for wildlife removal. The first step includes a comprehensive property inspection, followed by complete wildlife removal, then property restoration, and finally exclusion so the pest cannot return. This specialized strategy guarantees the permanent removal of common critters in a humane way.

Your Gibsonia Wildlife Removal Specialists

If you find any unwanted wildlife on your Gibsonia property, keep your distance from the pests and contact the licensed, trained, and experienced wildlife removers at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh immediately.

To schedule a thorough property inspection and receive a free estimate, call 412-767-4067 today.

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