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Raccoon Removal in Gibsonia

The state of Pennsylvania is inhabited by a multitude of wildlife. Common animals in the Greater Pittsburgh area include rodents and other nuisance mammals such as raccoons.

When raccoons make their way from the woods into more residential and urban areas of Pennsylvania, such as Gibsonia, they can cause damage, spread disease, and disrupt the peace and quiet of residents and the productivity of local businesses. Therefore, contacting the professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh at the first sign of a raccoon infestation is important to help reduce the risk of damage they can cause to your Gibsonia, PA property.

5 Signs and Damages of Nuisance Raccoons

Raccoons are common invasive wildlife found around Gibsonia properties. Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for and some of the damages these critters can bring to your property.

  1. Distinctive tracks – Whether on car hoods, flowerbeds, or driveways, raccoons’ paw prints are easy to detect around your property.

  2. Knocked over trash cans – Raccoons are known for going through trashcans in search of food, so keep an eye out for open lids, ripped garbage bags, and scattered trash on the lawn.

  3. Shredded screens – Whether in your trashcan or your kitchen, raccoons will use their sharp claws to get to food. They can easily shred your window and door screens in their attempt to get inside.

  4. Eaten crops – Any food growing on your property is attractive to raccoons and easy for them to obtain. Look for paw prints on your garden or partially-eaten fruits and vegetables.

  5. Empty pet bowls – Leaving pet food out overnight is an open invitation for raccoons to congregate on your porch, so you may want to bring food bowls in at night.

Safe and Effective Raccoon Removal Methods

Although raccoons are not very threatening to humans, having them around your Gibsonia home could lead to disturbance to your gardens, destruction to your yard, or even physical damage to your house. To protect your property, we encourage you to contact our expert wildlife removal technicians to handle nuisance critters instead of attempting to approach or remove them on your own.

Our wildlife professionals use a four-step CritterSafe® method for wildlife removal. The first step is inspection, followed by removal, then restoration, and finally exclusion. This specialized strategy guarantees the permanent removal of common critters in a humane and effective way.

Professional Gibsonia Raccoon Removal

If you find signs of raccoons on your Gibsonia property, stay away from the critters and contact the trained and experienced wildlife removers at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh immediately. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate on your raccoon removal service, call us today at 412-767-4067.

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