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Mice Removal in Mt. Lebanon

Determining whether your home or business is infested with mice may seem easy, but a mouse infestation may often exist for months before it is detected. Once inside your property, mice can nest and breed quickly, so it is best to react immediately upon noticing the signs of a mouse infestation. If your Mt. Lebanon, PA home or business shows any of the following warning signs of mice, seek professional mice removal services from Critter Control® of Pittsburgh as soon as possible.

5 Common Signs of Mice Infestation

1. Droppings: Look for mouse droppings near food packages, cupboards, and entryways. The drier the droppings, the older they are.

2. Bite and scratch marks: Look around your property for possible gaps and entryways that mice can use to access your interiors. Mice can easily squeeze through holes chewed through flooring, molding, or drywall. Also, be sure to check food packaging for signs of chewing.

3. Nests: Mice may gather paper scraps, fabric, or trash to build nests in your attics and cupboards. If you find a nest, it is a sure sign of rodents.

4. Unusual noises: Listen for scratching, scurrying, or squeaking noises between the walls.

5. Unusual pet activity: Your dog or cat may notice a mice infestation before you do. Your pet may be able to smell the presence of mice and may act strange or bark at walls. If they seem interested in an unusual part of the house, investigate around the area.

The Dangers of Mice Infestations

Mice can travel deep into a building and damage insulation, wiring, and flooring. This structural damage caused can cause fire hazards and be costly to repair.

Mice may get into food packaging and contaminate it, making it unsafe to eat. Mice are known to spread diseases through droppings and bites that can cause severe illness, so be particularly careful of coming into contact with a mouse.

Effective Mice Removal Methods

Critter Control® of Pittsburgh specializes in fast, thorough, and humane mice removal. Our expert mice removal technicians will address the issue with a four-step CritterSafe® method that includes:

1. Inspection: Our experts will check your building to determine the location and severity of your mice infestation, strategize a specific plan for removal, and provide you with a free estimate.

2. Removal: All mice will be removed using non-toxic, eco-friendly, and humane methods.

3. Repair: Any damage caused to your property by the infestation will be restored and decontaminated.

4. Exclusion: Our experts will seal any entryways and install exclusion devices to prevent future mice infestations.

Dependable Mice Removal Services in Mt. Lebanon, PA

If you find evidence of mice in your home or business, it is not recommended that you try to remove pests yourself. Attempting DIY mice removal can be difficult, ineffective, and dangerous. For expert mice removal in Mt. Lebanon, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067, schedule an inspection, and receive a fast and free estimate.

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