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Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania is home to various species of rodents and critters. Such wildlife often wander from their natural habitats into residential and urban areas in search of food, water, and shelter. If you’ve noticed any signs, sounds, or potential damages caused by unwanted and invasive animals on your Mt. Lebanon property, then do not attempt to remove them on your own. Instead, you should rely on the professional Mt. Lebanon wildlife removal services of Critter Control® of Pittsburgh to resolve your infestation safely, efficiently, and permanently.

5 Common Mt. Lebanon Invasive Wildlife

Critters like rats, mice, squirrels, bats, birds, and raccoons are some of the most common invasive wildlife found in or around Mt. Lebanon homes. The following warning signs will alert you to the presence of such wildlife on your property.

  1. Unpleasant smells and odors throughout your residence
  2. Droppings and stains on the walls and floors of your home
  3. The sounds of squeaking, scurrying, or scratching from the ceiling or walls
  4. Bite marks on attic drywall, gnawed cardboard, soiled insulation, or shredded wires
  5. Trampled gardens, disturbed soil, or tipped over trashcans

Damages Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

These nuisance critters may be small, but they can cause great damage to your home. They can also pose significant health risks to you and others on your property.

  1. Bats can transmit diseases, attack, and disturb the infrastructure of your home as their guano can ruin attic insulation and drywall.
  2. Mice can damage the structure of your home and chew on wires, drywall, and wood. They also carry diseases that can be transmitted to people through their bites or exposure to droppings.
  3. Rats carry several diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They also leave gnaw marks, droppings, and foul smells around homes.
  4. Raccoons have sharp claws that can scratch and rip through screen doors and fabric. They will also disturb your trashcans, gardens, and take bites from any foods you may be growing.
  5. Squirrels leave grease-like stains on walls and ceilings, droppings on the floor, scratches on walls, and foul smells from their droppings.
  6. Birds often lay nests in chimneys, which prohibit its use. Some birds, like woodpeckers, also peck the walls of your property and leave droppings on roofs, gutters, and down exterior walls and windowsills.
  7. Groundhogs can cause major damage to our property. They create underground dens, burrow holes in backyards and underneath sheds and porches.

CritterSafe® Wildlife Removal Methods

While many of these invasive creatures do not pose immediate threats, having them around your Mt. Lebanon property can increase your chances of catching transmittable diseases and having physical damage to your property. To keep your family and property safe, it is best to contact the licensed and experienced pest removal technicians at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh to remove your nuisance critters.

Our wildlife professionals use a four-step CritterSafe® method for wildlife removal. The first step is a comprehensive property inspection, followed by humane and complete removal, then damage restoration, and finally permanent exclusion. This specialized strategy ensures the removal of common critters that have breached your home for good.

If you find any unwanted creatures on your Mt. Lebanon property, keep your distance and contact the wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh immediately.

To schedule a home inspection and free estimate for our Mt. Lebanon wildlife removal services, call us today at 412-767-4067.

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