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Raccoon Removal in Allison Park

Greater Pittsburgh area residents are not alone in their love for the city’s wooded landscapes, as the tree-lined region attracts all kinds of wildlife including raccoons. Yet while such forests are raccoons’ natural habitats, they often wander into residential and commercial areas in search of food. If bad luck should befall your Allison Park home or business and these critters choose to invade your property, the expert raccoon removal team of Critter Control® of Pittsburgh is here to help.

5 Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

Raccoon infestations are dangerous, destructive, and problematic occurrences that no property owner should experience. If raccoons have invaded your residence or place of business, they will leave behind evidence of their stay. Here are five signs to look for when you suspect a raccoon is on your Allison Park property.

  1. Knocked over or misplaced trash cans. Raccoons will invade your property in search of food, so your garbage is their main objective.
  2. Damaged screens and shredded fabrics. Raccoons are notorious for clawing their way into properties and scratching whatever obstacle stands in their way.
  3. A disturbed garden. Raccoons will treat your garden like their playground – lookout for disturbed grass patches and trampled or eaten crops.
  4. Peculiar imprints. In the winter, raccoons will thoroughly cover your property with their distinctive, five-toed paw prints.
  5. Out-of-place pet bowls. Whether it is dog food or cat’s milk, raccoons will gladly empty pet bowls left out overnight.

CritterSafe® Allison Park Raccoon Removal

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, we utilize a four-step method to remove raccoons from your home and keep them out.

  1. Inspection – We will thoroughly inspect your entire property to determine where the raccoons are, and how they are getting in.
  2. Relocation – We will safely remove and relocate the raccoons from your home.
  3. Restoration – We will clean, repair, and replace any damage caused by the raccoons.
  4. Prevention – We will ensure that the raccoons will not be able to enter your home again.

Professional Raccoon Removal in Allison Park, PA

When it comes to raccoon infestations, there is no time to lose. These critters will cause destruction for as long as they can stay on your property, so do not hesitate. Save time and money by contacting the raccoon removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh. Our certified wildlife removal team will quickly, safely, and efficiently remove all pests from your property for good.

To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our accommodating raccoon removal services, call 412-767-4067.

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