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Woodpecker Removal Services in Fox Chapel

Woodpeckers are beautiful birds that are native to the Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania area. However, their beauty can be lost on you quite quickly once their annoying pecking sounds begin to disturb the peace of your property. Fortunately, Critter Control® of Pittsburgh provides safe and humane woodpecker removal services to help you deal with such an unpleasant and unwanted bird issue.

The Distracting Sounds of Woodpeckers

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of woodpeckers is their notorious drumming. Woodpeckers peck and hammer their strong beaks into trees in search of food and to create nests. Not only is the sound of their drumming highly disruptive, but it can also be extremely damaging to the structural integrity of your property.

The Damage Caused by Woodpeckers

While woodpeckers typically drum on trees, they are also known to peck at other wooden surfaces. If parts of your home consist of wood, this could potentially pose a big issue. Woodpeckers will continue making holes in wooden structures until they find a suitable place to nest. A single woodpecker on your property could potentially lead to hundreds of aesthetically unattractive holes, each of which could be gateways for insects and other pests to enter your property.

Furthermore, a tree full of holes will eventually rot due to disease and pest exposure. A rotting tree close to your home is cause for alarm as it can collapse on your house if left untreated. Therefore, if you have a woodpecker causing loud damage on your Fox Chapel property, it is important to call a woodpecker removal specialist as soon as possible.

Woodpecker Removal Services in Fox Chapel, PA

If you’re in need of woodpecker removal services in Fox Chapel, Critter Control® of Pittsburgh can help. At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, our bird removal professionals will provide you with safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly woodpecker removal services, making us the most efficient and effective way to remove and relocate woodpeckers in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

For more information on our woodpecker removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh at 412-767-4067 today and schedule your inspection to receive a complimentary estimate.

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