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As a beautiful Pennsylvanian township, Upper St. Clair has rich local history and scenery. Yet, it also has its fair share of critters, big and small, that may be a nuisance to your property in their search for food, water, and shelter. If you notice any signs of invasive wildlife in or around your property, contact the professional wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh to evict them safely and effectively from your home or business and repair any potential damages they have caused.

Common Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania Wildlife

In Upper St. Clair, you may encounter various invasive animals; however, rats, mice, squirrels, bats, raccoons, groundhogs, and even birds such as woodpeckers are the most common nuisances to residential homes and commercial businesses. The presence of these furry and feathery creatures may not be immediately apparent, so it is important to look for any signs pointing to a wild animal infestation.

5 Signs of Wildlife Infestations

  1. Exterior damage such as knocked over trashcans, ripped open bags, and trampled plants.
  2. Suspicious scratching or squeaking in your attic or backyard.
  3. Droppings and stains on windows and floorboards.
  4. Chewed-on wires and new holes near possible entry points and nests.
  5. Strange or repulsive odors around your property.

Even if you only see a few of these signs, there may be a wildlife infestation on your property. It’s critical to take immediate steps for wildlife removal before the problem worsens.

The CritterSafe® Method for Wildlife Removal

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, we use a series of humane and efficient steps to remove nuisances from your Upper St. Clair property. Our wildlife experts use the following series for proper removal:

  1. Inspection – Our wildlife removal technicians start by carefully inspecting your property in order to locate the pests, evaluate the level of infestation, and isolate any possible entry points.
  2. Removal – After the inspection, our animal removal experts will develop a plan that utilizes safe and eco-friendly practices to ensure complete and permanent wildlife removal.
  3. Restoration – Next, our team will clean up and repair any damages the animals may have caused to your property.
  4. Exclusion – Finally, our experts will seal any located entry points to ensure that your pest problem is taken care of for good.

The above steps comply with Pennsylvanian guidelines for wildlife removal while remaining effective and safe for all parties involved, including the critters.

Your Upper St. Clair Wildlife Removal Experts

If you’ve been dealing with a wildlife problem in your Upper St. Clair home or business, the experienced team of licensed and trained wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pennsylvania will work with you to ensure a quick and safe wildlife removal.

Be sure to keep your distance from the animal and reach out to us immediately at 412-767-4067 to schedule a wildlife inspection and receive a free estimate.

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