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Bat Removal Services in Churchill

In an area with as much diverse wildlife as Churchill, Pennsylvania, pest infestations are not an uncommon occurrence. When it comes to resolving such infestations, one species that can be particularly difficult to deal with are bats. As a legally protected species, bats must be handled with care. Furthermore, their removal must obey certain legal parameters that are hard to navigate if you lack the training, tools, and experience of a licensed wildlife professional.

Therefore, if bats have invaded your Churchill, PA property, it is best that you rely on the safe and legal bat removal services of the professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

The Dangers of Bat Infestations

Bats can pose a serious risk to your health because they can potentially carry a number of diseases, including histoplasmosis and rabies. What is especially dangerous is that the diseases bats carry can not only spread through direct contact but also through exposure to bat droppings (guano).

If that wasn’t bad enough, roosting bats can also be detrimental to the infrastructure of your home. In fact, bat guano is so toxic and corrosive that it can destroy drywall and flooring.

Humane and Effective Bat Removal Methods

Considering all of the health risks and legal repercussions of handling bats, it is imperative to never attempt bat removal on your own. In fact, once you have even the slightest indication that there may be a bat infestation on your Churchill property, you should call the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh. When you call our licensed and trained technicians, you can expect the following services:

  1. Inspection – A thorough inspection is conducted to locate the nuisance wildlife and any entrances they may have used to get inside of your property.
  2. Removal – A humane and legal removal service is performed using one-way exclusion devices.
  3. Restoration – We clean and restore contaminated and damaged areas of your property.
  4. Prevention –  Preventative measures are implemented to ensure you don’t deal with another bat infestation again.

Efficient Bat Removal Services in Churchill, PA

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, we are dedicated to providing the residents and businesses of Churchill, PA with efficient and effective pest removal services, including bat removal. By contacting our team of experts, you are ensuring your bat infestation issue will be taken care of quickly and permanently.

For more information on our Churchill bat removal services or to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067

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