How to Get Rid of Bats in the Home

Essential to our ecosystem, bats are creatures of the night that often look for shelter in the caves, trees, and bushes, as well as overpasses and parking structures. However, they may also roost in the attics and lofts of residential homes and commercial buildings.

If your Greater Pittsburgh area home has been infiltrated by bats, then removing them can be a difficult process. Here are a few of the dangers caused by invasive bats and ways to get rid of bats in your home.

The Common Dangers of Nuisance Bats

As soon as a bat enters your home, it’s best to get rid of them before they =can cause serious property damage. Bat guano and urine can run the insulation and drywall of your home over time because of their high levels of acidity. Bat waste can stain walls and polished surfaces like marble and glass. Their contaminated droppings are also a health risk to your family and pets as they can carry and transmit diseases such as histoplasmosis and rabies.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Bats from Your Pittsburgh Home

Bats often end up inside homes by accident. If you’re dealing with bats in your home, here are some ways to drive them away.

  1. Aluminum and mirrors – Aluminum foil and mirrors reflect light, which can irritate and scare bats away. You can hang aluminum foil and mirrors around your attic and shine a light on them during the day when the bats are asleep.

  2. Cinnamon – Bats have a keen and sensitive sense of smell. Placing cinnamon powder around your home can deter bats since the smell irritates them.

  3. Mothballs – Mothballs have a chemical odor that bothers bats. Homeowners can hang them around Pittsburgh property to keep bats away.

  4. White phenol – Since bats have a strong sense of smell, they find phenol’s odor disturbing.
  5. Bat removal professionals – Because there are protective laws on how to handle and remove bats, do not attempt to remove them on your own. The best way to get rid of bats from your Pittsburgh home is to call your local wildlife removal experts.

Professional Bat Removal Services in Pittsburgh

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, we specialize in humane and legal bat removal services. Our wildlife experts are licensed and trained in effective and safe bat removal methods that consist of the following four-steps:

  1. Inspection – During your free consultation, one of our experienced bat removal technicians will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the size of the bat infestation.
  2. Exclusion – Our technician will use our humane bat removal methods to carefully exclude unwanted bats from your Pittsburgh property.
  3. Prevention – Once our expert resolves the bat infestation, they will seal off all entry points to permanently keep the bats away.
  4. Restoration – Our final step is to clean and repair any residual damage or contamination left by the bats.

To permanently solve your bat problem, contact the bat removal experts from Critter Control® of Pittsburgh. Our experienced and equipped wildlife removal technicians will quickly and safely remove nuisance bats and other wildlife from your Pennsylvania property and keep them from returning.

To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our efficient bat removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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