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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are one of the six most common species of invasive wildlife in the Greater Pittsburgh area. These cute critters will often look for a comfy place in your home or business to nest away from the predators outside. Once they find a way inside your home, your risk for property damages increases significantly. In addition to disturbing sounds, smells, and contamination, squirrels can cause damage by chewing through walls, wooden beams, and electrical wires—which can create fire hazards.

As you can see, squirrel problems may start small, but they can lead to severe damage in your home. While you may be tempted to deal with squirrels on your own, dealing with these critters is tricky and unsafe. Therefore, if you are struggling with nuisance squirrels in your Churchill, Pennsylvania residence or place of business, contact Critter Control® of Pittsburgh to quickly remove the invasive pests for good.

4 Common Squirrel Entry Points Around Your Property

Squirrels often seek refuge inside Churchill homes and businesses to escape from predators and severe weather conditions. Some common areas these critters use to gain entry include:

  1. Unprotected chimneys
  2. Attic and gable vents
  3. Soffit and roof gaps
  4. Bathroom and dryer vents

4 Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

If you think your Churchill home has a squirrel infestation, here are a few warning signs that you should keep an eye and ear out for:

  1. Squirrel droppings around your property
  2. Scratching or chewing sounds coming from behind your interior walls or from the attic
  3. Foul odors around your property or inside your home
  4. Damage to your property such as chew marks on outdoor furniture and tree bark

Our Four-Step CritterSafe® Squirrel Removal Process

Our licensed and trained experts follow our CritterSafe® squirrel removal process that involves methods that are compliant with Pennsylvania animal removal laws. This quick and effective, four-step process removes all unwanted critters from your Churchill home or business and implements preventative measures that keep invasive pests from returning.

  1. Inspection – Our experts will inspect your property to locate how and where the squirrels access your home.
  2. Removal – All squirrels are removed from your property using our humane and eco-friendly traps.
  3. Exclusion – Our experts will protect your home by sealing off the entry points around your property.
  4. Restoration – Any damage or contamination caused by the squirrels is cleaned up and repaired.

Your Churchill Squirrel Removal Experts

Here at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, we understand that dealing with a squirrel-infested property isn’t a trivial matter. Your property is in good hands with our trained professionals, who have the tools to securely remove the invasive critters. For your protection, don’t attempt to handle a wild animal without professional help. Our equipped team of wildlife experts have decades of experience and are highly effective at keeping squirrels away.

If you’re experiencing any problems with squirrels in your Churchill home or business, contact Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-643-4371 to schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our squirrel removal services.

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