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The city of Pittsburgh is tucked away among the beautiful hills of southwest Pennsylvania. Out among these hills are trees and caves where bats love to make their homes. Oftentimes, bats may seek other available shelters under bridges, and in the attics of residential homes and commercial buildings.

If your Pittsburgh home or business has become a nesting ground for bats, then do not attempt to remove them on your own. In addition to the health risks that bats can pose to you, there are also protective laws regarding the handling of bats. Therefore, bat removal is something you simply cannot face alone. Luckily, the professional bat handlers at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh are trained and equipped to help you legally and safely remove bats from your property.

4 Signs of Bats on Your Pittsburgh Property

The following signs can indicate if bats have set up camp in your Pittsburgh home or business.

  1. Bats will leave droppings, or guano, in your attic space or outside your home.
  2. Bats are loud at night. Listen for bat chirps and scraping from your attic space.
  3. Bat waste is foul. Look out for a distinct ammonia-like scent permeating your home.
  4. You might catch sight of the bats as they leave to hunt in the morning or when they return at dusk.

The Dangers of Bat Infestations

The disruptive and destructive issues that bats bring can range from costly to harmful. Their presence and activity can affect your home or business and personal well-being in significant ways such as:

  • Bats can transmit diseases such as histoplasmosis through their droppings or bites.
  • If provoked, confronted, or threatened bats can attack, harm, and bite.
  • Bats can negatively affect the infrastructure of your home or business as their guano can destroy your insulation and drywall.

Safe and Legal Pittsburgh Bat Removal

Critter Control® of Pittsburgh has the experience and clearance to administer humane and legal bat removal. With bats’ protected status and the potential danger of confronting them, it’s not a task we would recommend tackling on your own. Our team of licensed and insured bat removal professionals will:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your property to gauge the extent of your bat infestation.
  2. Efficiently and legally remove all bats.
  3. Clean up and repair any residual damage.
  4. Ensure complete exclusion by sealing all possible re-entry points.

Your Pittsburgh Bat Removal Experts

The presence of bats is not something to ignore. If you notice bats on your Pittsburgh property, the experienced bat removal technicians at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh can help. We will quickly and safely remove nuisance bats and any wildlife from your Pennsylvania property and keep them from returning. To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our discreet and efficient bat removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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