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How Is a Rat Extermination and What Should I Expect?

Having rodent issues in your Greater Pittsburgh commercial or residential property can cause you a lot of stress. Unfortunately, the problem won’t disappear by constantly trying different DIY rat removal techniques. The best way to get rid of rats from your home is by hiring a rat exterminator to remove the rodent permanently through safe […]

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What Is Humane Squirrel Removal?

While squirrels are often a friendly neighborhood animal, they can sometimes get into your home in search of food and water, create a nest, and cause an infestation to occur. When this happens, a variety of problems can ensue ranging from unsettling sounds to significant property damages. While invasive squirrels can be a nuisance, there […]

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What to Expect in a Wildlife Removal Service?

With Pittsburgh’s growing population and subsequent expansion, there has been an increase in reported wildlife encounters and infestations on residential and commercial properties. If you are dealing with unwanted critters in your Greater Pittsburgh home or business, the best way to effectively remove nuisance pests from your property is to rely on professional wildlife removal […]

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How to Get Rid of Bats in the Home

Essential to our ecosystem, bats are creatures of the night that often look for shelter in the caves, trees, and bushes, as well as overpasses and parking structures. However, they may also roost in the attics and lofts of residential homes and commercial buildings. If your Greater Pittsburgh area home has been infiltrated by bats, […]

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3 Effective Bird Removal Remedies

Everyday, there are hundreds of birds that fly over the Pennsylvania cities. Often, they take shelter in residential homes and commercial buildings. Homeowners overlook birds as potential invasive pests until they find birds perched on their homes or nesting inside their attic. Once there’s a bird inside your home, it’s important to remove them before […]

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