What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Groundhogs Under Shed?

It is important to address and eliminate any pest infestations you find on your property as soon as possible, especially if you are dealing with groundhogs. As the burrowing rodents dig underground, they will destroy your lawn, cause damage to your plumbing, and disturb the foundation of your home and other outdoor structures, like your shed. To help reduce costly damages, here are some of the best ways that you can effectively evict groundhogs from under your shed.

Best Way to Get Rid of Groundhogs Under Shed

  • Ammonia –Groundhogs hate the smell of ammonia, so a cheap and easy way to deter groundhogs away from your property is to purchase ammonia and pour it in any holes or mounds you find near your shed. If you don’t have ammonia on hand, vinegar works just as well.
  • Noisy Groundhog Deterrents –Groundhogs tend to avoid noisy areas or those that experience heavy vibrations. To scare off groundhogs, you can try installing ultrasonic devices that emit high frequency pulses that only rodents can hear. Hanging wind chimes or setting up a small radio near groundhog mounds around your property can also create constant noise and movement that may disturb the groundhogs and encourage them to leave.

    If you don’t want to spend money on new backyard devices, sending out your dog or cat to scare the groundhogs can also have a similar effect.
  • Groundhog Traps –Groundhog-specific traps can be purchased online or at your local hardware store. While baited traps may be a more direct method for groundhog capture and removal, they require you to handle the critter and there are risks involved when handling a wild animal without proper training and equipment. Instead of attempting to remove and relocate a groundhog on your own, the best way to get rid of groundhogs under shed is to rely on the groundhog removal services provided by the licensed, trained, and experienced wildlife control experts at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

Effective and Affordable Groundhog Removal Services

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, we are dedicated to providing you with efficient and safe groundhog removal services that will remove groundhogs from under your shed quickly and permanently. To schedule an inspection of your property and receive a free estimate for our groundhog removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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