Do Rats Like Garlic?

With so many rat deterrent options on the market, it can be difficult to decide how to best combat a growing rat infestation. While most rat removal tactics involve chemical sprays and deadly raps that can be harmful and inhumane, there are several natural, non-toxic alternatives that can help you resolve your rat problem. For instance, an old household remedy involves using the rodent’s sense of smell against them by spraying garlic around your property. But, do rats like garlic or will they avoid it like online outlets would have you believe?

The Truth About Rats and Garlic

There is some truth to the claim that garlic will deter rats. Rats have sensitive noses that they use to sniff out nearby food. It’s how the species has survived for so long. However, certain scents, such as garlic, are too strong for the critters and can overwhelm their senses and disorientate them. Therefore, rats are known to avoid strong-smelling odorous plants. The smell of garlic is also potent and unpleasant to other rodents like mice and squirrels.

Is Garlic Effective Against Rats?

The most commonly used way to implement a garlic-based rat deterrent is to add diced garlic into a spray bottle full of water. By spraying the odorous solution along your floorboards and thresholds, rats may opt to nest elsewhere. If you don’t have fresh garlic to spare, sprinkling garlic powder around entryways and attic openings has a similar effect.

Furthermore, home gardens that include a garlic plant will often experience less rat activity than those without, however; some homeowners go so far as to place entire bulbs of garlic in their doorways to prevent rats (and possibly vampires) from entering their home.

The Problem with Relying on Natural Rat Deterrents

Rats do hate the smell of garlic, and if you place it around your property strategically, the pests will likely stay away. However, garlic only serves as a short-term rat deterrent and cannot be used as a permanent countermeasure to rat infestations. Not only would the garlic need to be frequently replaced to remain effective, but rats can also get used to the smell and overcome their aversion to it.

Additionally, if you spread garlic powders or sprays around too liberally, then your home will smell awful to both the rats and you. If you are considering a more eco-friendly and humane method for rat prevention that will not stink up your property, contact the rat prevention and removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

Effective and Humane Rat Removal Services

The team of licensed and trained rat removal experts at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh can provide you with quick, safe, and permanent services that will not only remove all nuisance rats from your property, but will also ensure that rats will not return. 

To schedule an inspection of your Pittsburgh-area property and receive a free estimate for our rat removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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