Do Squirrels Deter Rats?

One popular method for deterring pests is introducing another creature to either chase them away or capture and devour them. For the most part, this involves adopting a pet, like a cat or a dog. For rats, snakes are a natural predator; however, there may be a less fearsome creature that you can enlist to help you put an end to your rat infestation: squirrels.

Can Squirrels Deter Rats?

While they are both rodents, rats are generally afraid of squirrels, and for good reason. Squirrels typically nest in trees and feast on nuts. However, their keen eyesight and high ground advantage allow them to spot small critters, like mice and rats, that may threaten their nest or serve as a nice snack.

However, squirrel vs. rat encounters are not really a common occurrence. Namely because squirrels are only active during the day and nocturnal rats are only active at night. To cross paths, one of creatures would have to be exhibiting unusual behavior. Furthermore, rats will quickly retreat to their nest if they suspect the threatening presence of a squirrel or other predator.

So, can squirrels deter rats? While it’s not unheard of, squirrels are more likely to deter other creatures that are also active during the day, like birds.

Effective Ways to Deter Rats 

Rather than relying on wild squirrels that can quickly become invasive pests themselves, enlist the expert services of a rodent removal professional to quickly resolve your growing rat problem. An experienced rodent removal technician will ensure that all unwanted rodents are permanently removed from your property.

For efficient rodent removal services in the Greater Pittsburgh area, trust the experts at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

Professional Rat Removal Services in Pittsburgh

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, our team of licensed and trained rodent removal technicians will inspect your property to locate, isolate, and remove all nuisance rats. We will also clean and disinfect any harmful contamination the pests left behind, and install preventative measures to ensure a rat infestation does not return.

For more information on our rodent removal services or to schedule an inspection of your Pittsburgh-area property and receive a free rat removal estimate, please call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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