What To Do if You Have a Rat in the House

Not only is a rat infestation an incredible inconvenience, but a rat in the house can also cause significant harm to your health and home. Rats are known to leave nests, holes, and feces throughout infested properties. They also spread dangerous diseases and infections to humans and pets.

Therefore, addressing a rat infestation with effective rat removal tactics should be your chief concern once signs of a rat infestation are noticed.

Common Signs of a Rat Infestation

Recognizing the warning signs of rats is the most important step in stopping an infestation before it gets out of hand. Signs of a rat infestation include:

  • Scattered droppings
  • Ammonia-like urine smell
  • Scratching noises and squeaks coming from walls and attic
  • Foot prints and grease marks along floorboards and openings
  • Chewed electrical wires, drywall, and molding
  • Shredded attic insulation

Rat Removal and Prevention Tips

There are many steps you can take to help prevent and get rid of rats in your house.

  1. Keep attic storage bins and boxes sealed. Rats are attracted to any sort of decomposition, which is why it’s important to clean out your attic of old musky boxes and transfer your storge into tightly sealed plastic bins that rats cannot penetrate.
  2. Eliminate accessible food and water sources. Refrain from allowing food to fall on the ground and fix any leaky faucets where rats can get a drink.
  3. Seal exterior gaps. Look for and seal off any possible entry points in your home’s exterior. Specifically check for any cracks or small holes that rats can squeeze through.
  4. Declutter and clean your property. Rats love to hide in small, dark spaces and are drawn to any food they can find. By cleaning your house regularly of crumbs and debris, you can limit any potential areas where rats could feast or build nests.
  1. Keep your yard and garden tidy.  Overgrown vegetation and fallen fruit and produce can attract rats to your home. Also seal up outdoor trash cans and remove pet food bowls that can lure in hungry rats.

While the above tips can help prevent a rat from getting in your home, once a rat problem has begun, it can quickly grow into a full blown infestation. At which point, you will likely need professional rat removal assistance.

Get Rid of a Rat in the House with Professional Rat Removal Services

The experienced rat removal technicians at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh will quickly and safely remove nuisance rats and other invasive wildlife from your Pennsylvania property and keep them from returning.

To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our fast and efficient rat removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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