Will Moth Balls Repel Raccoons?

Having raccoons on your property can be rather dangerous, as the critters have the potential to carry numerous diseases and cause a significant amount of damage. While there are many different ways to get rid of raccoons, an old wives’ tale claims moth balls repel raccoons. However, is that actually true?

Can Moth Balls Repel Raccoons?

While there is no research-backed evidence to prove that moth balls repel raccoons, moth balls have been used for generations to deter many types of pests. Raccoons and similar nuisance wildlife have a sensitive sense of smell that may be irritated by the musk of moth balls.

However, if they have already nested or are hungry enough, tenacious raccoons will not let a few moth balls get in the way of warm shelter and accessible food.

You’ll also never see a raccoon removal professional trying this method because there are far more effective ways to get rid of raccoons than relying on the use of moth balls or other unproven home remedies.

The Dangers of Chemically Infused Moth Balls

Not only are moth balls not as effective at pest removal as the internet may have you believe, but they can also be hazardous to your health. In particular, moth balls are infused with chemicals that can be toxic to humans if their fumes are frequently inhaled.

Moth balls can also be a serious concern if they are accidentally ingested by pets or small children who might mistake them for food.

In general, it is best to steer clear of moth balls and rely on a safer and more effective way to get rid of raccoons instead. For a more reliable way to rid your property of invasive raccoons, contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

Rely on Wildlife Removal Experts to Repel Raccoons

At Critter Control® of Pittsburgh, our raccoon removal services are quick, safe, and permanent.

We start by thoroughly inspecting your property to locate and isolate any nuisance critters. Then, we use non-toxic and eco-friendly methods to humanely remove all unwanted raccoons from your Pittsburgh-area property. We will also clean and repair any contaminated or damaged areas caused by the infestation and install preventative measures to ensure raccoons don’t return.

If raccoons are infesting your property, don’t waste time and money on moth balls. Call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067 to schedule an inspection and receive a complimentary estimate for our reliable raccoon removal services.

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