Will Motion Sensor Lights Deter Raccoons?

Raccoons are known to roam residential neighborhoods and commercial business districts in search of food at night. From scattered trash to torn window screens, nuisance raccoons can cause a great deal of damage to your Greater Pittsburgh area property. To keep your home or business clean and free of destruction, you may consider investing in motion sensor lights or other raccoon deterrent methods to alert and scare away the nuisance critters when they first approach your property. However, will motion sensor lights deter raccoons, and are they worth the investment?

Property Damages Caused by Raccoons

Not much will stop a hungry raccoon from rummaging through your trash. The dextrous critters are capable of prying open lids and toppling over trash cans to get to a meal. They will then spread garbage all over your yard while they comb through your trash for edible bits. Raccoons are also known to dig up and chew through fruit and vegetable plants in your home garden if they are not enclosed.

However, things get much worse if raccoons try to nest inside of your property. Not only are raccoons known to tear up drywall, shred insulation, and damage important infrastructure within residential properties, but they also like to nest in warm attics where they will breed and contaminate your belongings with urine and droppings. Such activity can promote mold growth and cause a very unpleasant smell to develop in your home. 

Will Motion Sensor Lights Deter Raccoons from Your Property?

Motion sensor lights are designed to scare away potential threats like burglars or invasive critters. The device is often mounted to the side of a home or other outdoor structure like a shed or garage. When any movement is detected, blinding lights are activated that can scare and startle would-be intruders away from your property.

Because raccoons are nocturnal creatures and typically only active at night, bright light can be disorienting and frightening to them. Therefore, motion sensor lights will likely scare raccoons away. However, they will not keep the tenacious pests from coming back and, over time, the raccoons may get used to your motion sensor lights and ignore them. Furthermore, if the critters manage to get inside your property, motion sensor lights installed in your backyard will do little to help your problem.

Ultimately, the most effective way to prevent property damage caused by nuisance raccoons is to call the raccoon removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

Effective Raccoon Removal Services Near You

Unlike motion sensor lights, the wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh are guaranteed to resolve your raccoon problem quickly and permanently. Our licensed and trained raccoon removal experts are dedicated to providing efficient, effective, and thorough raccoon removal services that will both remove any existing nuisance raccoons from your property and prevent new ones from turning up in the future.

To schedule an inspection of your Pittsburgh-area property and receive a free estimate for our professional raccoon removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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