Can Ammonia Be Used to Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels can be cute and delightful critters to watch when taking a stroll around your local park. Although, they can quickly become a nightmare if they choose to infest your Pittsburgh-area property. When dealing with such a rodent infestation, you will, undoubtedly, be searching for fast and inexpensive remedies to your squirrel problem.

A commonly promoted, natural squirrel removal method recommends using ammonia to get rid of squirrels. However, there are a few things you should know about the substance before using it to remove squirrels.

Understanding Ammonia

Ammonia is a colorless gas that is dissolved in water to form ammonium hydroxide, a solution regularly used in household cleaners. The solution is most commonly known for its strong, pungent odor.

Is Ammonia Effective Against Squirrels?

Because squirrels have a sensitive sense of smell, they are repelled by the overwhelming stench of ammonia. By placing ammonia-soaked rags or cotton balls near areas of increased squirrel activity, the solution can be used to chase squirrels away from residential homes and commercial businesses.

While ammonia is a cheap and easy-to-access cleaning product, it is only a mildly effective squirrel deterrent. It is not a guaranteed way to eliminate a squirrel infestation or even fully deter all squirrels from your property.

The Problem with Using Ammonia to Get Rid of Squirrels

While the smell will not be fatal to squirrels, ammonia can be poisonous to any animal, wild or domestic, if ingested in small amounts. Ammonia also serves as an irritant for humans, causing a burning irritation to the eyes and suffocating the lungs if consistently inhaled. If used in a room that is not properly ventilated, ammonia can even cause death. Therefore, ammonia must be used sparingly to avoid toxic or deadly symptoms.

Instead of putting your health or the safety of your family at risk, rely on the professional services of a licensed and trained wildlife removal expert to help get rid of squirrels on your Greater Pittsburgh-area property.

Fast and Effective Squirrel Removal Services

The experienced squirrel removal technicians at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh use safe and non-toxic methods to quickly and safely remove nuisance squirrels and other invasive wildlife from your Pennsylvania property and keep them from returning.

To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our humane and efficient squirrel removal services, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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