Will Ammonia Keep Rats Away?

When rats infest your home, you will search for any available method to get rid of the invasive rodents. Fortunately, you may already have a handy rat removal solution in your kitchen. Ammonia is a commonly found pest repellent that’s often used on rats. If used correctly, ammonia can be an effective method to keep rats away from your home.

Does Ammonia Keep Rats Away?

Rats have a strong sense of smell that they heavily rely on. Ammonia is a chemical that mimics the smell of predator urine. When rats smell ammonia, they will think danger is nearby. Additionally, ammonia is a toxin against rats. The strong scent is overwhelming to their respiratory system. Because of this, ammonia is one of the strongest repellents against rats.

How to Use Ammonia Against Rats

There are several ways to use ammonia to keep rats away from your property. Start by looking for places where rats can enter your home, such as cracked drain pipes or other openings in your home’s exterior. Some ways ammonia keep rats away include:

  • Ammonia-soaked rags – Mix two parts ammonia with one part water, and soak rags or cotton balls in the solution. Place the ammonia-soaked rags around any discovered rat entry points and replace them every few weeks until the rats are gone.
  • Ammonia spray bottle – Spraying the ammonia solution around your home may be a safer option because the smell can be overwhelming for humans and pets. While you’ll need to spray frequently for it to effectively keep rats away, sprayed ammonia won’t be as pungent as the rags.

Keep in mind that ammonia can be toxic if inhaled too often. Only handle it in areas with proper ventilation, and use gloves and eye protection. It is also a flammable substance that won’t mix well with other chemicals including bleach, so be careful when handling the solution.

Call a Rat Removal Expert

While ammonia may serve as a temporary solution to keep rats away, it won’t fix any long-term rat problems. To ensure your rat infestation is taken care of permanently, you’ll want to hire rat removal professionals.

The experienced rat removal technicians at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh will quickly and safely remove any invasive rats from your Pennsylvania property and keep them from returning. To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our efficient rat removal services, call us today at 412-767-4067.

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