How to Deter Birds From Your Pittsburgh Property

Birds may be small and seem unimposing with their beautiful colors and pleasant songs, but don’t be fooled by their innocent stature. Behind the scenes of their orchestra, pest birds like starlings and house sparrows can inflict many destructive habits on your Greater Pittsburgh area home or business. To return the peace to your Pittsburgh property, here are some ways to deter birds.

5 Common Problems Caused by Nuisance Birds

Before you dismiss the need to deter birds from your Pittsburgh property, consider the common problematic effects they can cause. When left to nest in or around your Pittsburgh home or business, birds can:

  1. Leave droppings on your vehicles, walkways, and walls of your property’s exterior
  2. Create fire hazards by blocking ventilation ducts with their nests
  3. Disturb sleep or productivity with their incessant chirping
  4. Eat crops and wreck vegetation
  5. Transmit diseases or ectoparasites such as histoplasmosis

You may get by for a while by not managing the situation and hoping they’ll fly away, but these risks are simply not worth the stress. Instead, you can try the following steps to deter birds from nesting around your Pittsburgh property.

How to Legally Deter Birds From Invading Your Pittsburgh Home or Business

Because many bird species are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Act, you must tread lightly when taking measures to deter birds from your property. It is illegal to disturb or move an active bird’s nest, so preventative efforts must be made around this. The bird removal specialists of Critter Control® of Pittsburgh have arranged a list of legal measures for you to try:

  • Remove any birdhouses, birdbaths, or bird feeders from outside your property.
  • Reduce the amount of bird nesting zones by trimming tree limbs, bushes, and other vegetation.
  • Install a “scarebird” — a plastic owl decoy that repels nuisance birds.

Once you have taken these measures, your property will not be as appealing to birds. However, if these animals have already settled in your property, then do not make any rash decisions that can put you in legal trouble. Disturbing or harming birds in an attempt to remove them can cost you up to $15,000 in fines and up to six months in jail. Instead, rely on the licensed team of bird removal professionals at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh.

Schedule a Safe and Legal Bird Removal With Critter Control® of Pittsburgh

As pleasant as birds may be to view and hear in the wild, their sounds may not always be welcome inside Pittsburgh residences and businesses. Fortunately, the certified wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Pittsburgh are trained and equipped to remove nuisance birds safely and legally from your property, relocate them to a secure place, and professionally install preventative measures to deter them from returning.

To schedule a free inspection of your property, call Critter Control® of Pittsburgh today at 412-767-4067.

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